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Измеритель качества воды (солемер)

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Digital TDS Water Quality Tester Testing Meter 9999 PPM - $8.67 + $0.00
Продавец tywseller
Заказал и оплатил 06.02.2012, пока не приехал.

Есть идея использовать его для оченки качества тормозной жидкости. Как приедет - буду разбираться...
Фото с ebay:

Digital TDS Meter Tester Water Quality Filter Purity

Description :
Used to test the quality of various water, Great for water filters, food (vegetable, fruits) and drink quality monitoring, pools and spas, aquariums, hydroponics, etc.

Do not rely on a calendar
Get the most out of your filtration system by knowing accurately when to change the filters for the best water possible!
Easy to read digital display
Wide range :0-9990 ppm(mg/L)
Auto shut-off
Data hold button
Extra long battery life
Test for inorganic materials and substances commonly found in drinking water
Net weight:35g
Weight(including packaging):48g
Packet content:

100% Brand New

1 x Digital TDS Water Quality Tester 0-9990ppm
1 x User Manual
1 x Leather Case

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